Title: 4800 S Honore

Capture Date/Time: August 3 2008
Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: 12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor

The Realtor that hosted my photography show as well as found me my first home let me take some photos of a commercial space which he is helping the owner sell. So no, this place isn't abandoned (like my usual photos of industrial interious) but is used as a warehouse by the current owner who deals (and apparently pack-rats) in furniture.

Built in 1908, this 15,000 sq ft space used to be a transformer station. It still has a 25 ton crane that runs along the ceiling. It has been used in various commercial shoots such as Gatorade and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

*Begin Plug* Offered at $699,000 this is a pretty sweet place for the price! If you know any wealthy photographers or film buffs please have them check the listing!


*End Plug*

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08.13.08/08:59 PM Noah said:

I actually know this building--I've been by it a few times, admired it from the outside, and wondered about the interior. Nice shots, thanks for posting them. Sadly, the asking price for the place is more than a bit out of my price range.

08.13.08/10:06 PM Rian said:

LOL.. awesome plug! i mean shot.. :D looks like a cozy place to be in..

08.14.08/06:40 AM passerby said:

i'll take it!

08.14.08/01:02 PM Ben said:

Would make an amazing office space, or if you had the money and the patients to do the construction in a non-invasive/non-destructive way an amazing living space. 15,000 sq ft may be a bit big for a house though.

08.14.08/05:36 PM Bob Eddings said:

That's actually a great deal! Another 300G's and you'd have way more than a million dollar property. Would make a great work/live loft and studio. You could easily punch in a garage. And just think of how many remote spots you could hang from a 25 ton crane! I also love the "pit" in image 3; nice place for a really large hot tub. :) Almost makes me long to move back to the Windy City.

08.17.08/05:36 PM MikesRightBrain said:

This is my future studio, man. Who couldn't use a 25 ton crane?

08.17.08/09:56 PM John said:

That place is sweet if I won the lottery I would totally buy it and build a killer dance club in it.

11.10.08/02:45 AM pablo korona said:

wow. halfsies?

08.15.10/09:07 AM Amanda Rose said:

I would have loved to buy most of that furniture!