Title: I Survived

Capture Date/Time: May 9 2009 08:15
Camera: LG Shine Cameraphone

Last week I finally had all four wisodom teeth removed. I was putting the snooze button on this procedure for over 10 years! Top two were already grown out, bottom two were impacted. IV sedation was definitely the way to go!

A complication that can be associated with the removal of wisdom teeth is that of "paresthesia." Wisdom teeth can be positioned in the jaw in a manner in which they lie in close proximity to nerves. Sometimes during the process of extracting a wisdom tooth these nerves can be bruised or damaged. As a result, numbness of the tongue, lip, or chin may occur.

Lemme tell you...it feels like a novacaine shot that never went away and I'm worried the feeling will never come back!

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05.09.09/11:06 PM Hadassah said:

yeah, IV is def the way to go! that's how i did mine. sucks about the nerve thing, i hope you get the feeling back, but maybe it's better for you to regain it AFTER the gums and bone rebuild and all is healed up.. you'll use less T3's that way.. lol

05.10.09/03:39 AM Marie said:

Other than that, your teeth look to be in really great shape. I hope you get your feeling back soon.

I had my lower wisdoms out when I was 16 with general anesthesia. My top two didn't come in until I was into my 20s. Strangely, having those last two removed was probably the easiest dental procedure I've ever had done.

Keep us posted on your feelings. :)

05.10.09/09:41 PM abby said:

eww...i hope you're feeling better!!