Title: Warhol Workout

Six Shot Sequence:
Capture Date/Time: October 9 2009 19:32
Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: 24-70mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S Zoom-Nikkor
Focal Length: 31mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5.6 - 1/3 sec
ISO: Various ISO Levels
Flash: None

Once again, the fall season is passing Chicago very fast and we are heading towards winter weather... soon enough I will be back to riding my bicycle indoors permanently :( I decided to make the most out of the concept of riding indoors by giving you this silly series of photos of me on the rollers with my Monkeylectric LED spoke lights mounted on the wheels. You better believe they keep you visible and safe when riding on the city streets at night... they are rather obnoxious!

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10.09.09/10:25 PM yvette said:

You're so funny!

10.10.09/12:28 AM Jeff said:

I'm enjoying the lights!

You must have changed something in your website code, I used to get the pirate image when viewing your posts through the Bloglines RSS reader, but this one is the first that came through okay. Thanks for changing it!

10.10.09/10:00 AM Niklas said:

aah, finally! awesome monkeylights, Archie. I didn't post very much neither. Fall arrived forcibly in Nettetal with flooded streets due to the continuos rain of the last days. I hope I'll find some time this weekend to do my first "indian summer"-shots of this year. How are you doing, chum?

10.10.09/06:16 PM rian said:

kewl! those lights are pretty neat.. :D

10.11.09/10:48 PM Lindsey said:

Like this sequence and the color effects. Sorry about the cooler weather sending you back inside - that is the main reason I've not moved to Chicago.

10.12.09/11:04 AM wvallen said:

that's hilarious

10.12.09/02:15 PM s acostamartinez said:

I just wanted to leave a comment about how cool and creative these photos are. My husband and my 12yr old son are photographers-Nikon, and they love to figure out photos were done. My 12 yr old son has been taking pictures since a toddler-as soon as he could hold his dad's Nikon 35mm camera.... they've both moved on to digital.

10.13.09/08:15 AM abby said:

those lights are sooooooo sick. i've never seen anything like this! i'm hypnotized. i want them!!!

10.13.09/06:32 PM Katie Chow said:

Cool photos!! How did you do that?

10.20.09/03:32 PM Anne said:

Cool sequence. The MonkeyLectric lights are a fun addition. A few people I know have bought them recently.

Riding outdoors in winter isn't so bad if you've got the right gear. Check out www.bikewinter.org for some useful tips. I used to put my bike indoors once it hit 40. Not anymore.

Happy riding, whether it's just on rollers for now, or if you decide to venture out and try Bike Winter. Cheers!

10.30.09/12:26 AM Bob Eddings said:

Hey Archie, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I've been a fan ever since stumbling upon your images a long time ago.

These, like your swimming pool (yes, navigate way back to find it, everyone; you'll find lots to enjoy along the way) are some of the most creative I've ever seen in my years of blogging and following others!

As always, thanks Archie, and please keep posting regularly and pushing the envelope. You show others (including me) what can be done with modern photographic creativity.

12.11.09/07:23 PM Paulo Ribeiro said:

Very cool lights! You ride with style. ;)

12.30.09/02:44 PM tam said:


03.24.10/06:56 AM minimodi said:

cool! I want!