Title: Combustion

Capture Date/Time: July 4 2003 21:46
Camera: Nikon D100
Lens: 50mm f/1.4D AF Nikkor
Focal Length: 50mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/16 - 10sec
ISO: 400
Flash: None

Since I didnt have a tripod for this one, the lines created by the fireworks exploding ended up being very shaky. Although I prefer more clean and sharp lines in my photos I really liked this one since the shaky lines created gave off a whispy smoke look. I also am trying to post more from my organic collection :)

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11.06.04/11:47 AM Peter said:

That's one of the more interesting shots of fireworks I've seen in a while. Nice.

11.06.04/03:48 PM Monkeygirl said:

What a cool picture! Full of energy :)

11.06.04/06:37 PM Aaron said:

This is great. Nice work.