Title: Fallen

Capture Date/Time: April 23 2004 17:16
Camera: Nikon D100
Lens: 60mm f/2.8D AF Micro-Nikkor
Focal Length: 60mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/3.3 - 1/3sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

A macro shot of a dead leaf laying on the concrete floor of my garage.

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11.12.04/07:24 AM probe3 said:

Ahhh - I remember this one. This photo was used as the main inspiration for this artwork : http://www.orthographic.ca/catalog/collection_01_mark.php

Thanks again Archie ;)

11.12.04/08:04 AM aramzis said:

i love the name of the photo - it's rare a name should say so much. fall-en (from grace, the colors suggest). very nice.

11.12.04/09:05 AM wr7259 said:

i love this color very much!

11.12.04/10:22 AM randombanner said:

I like the color also...but I really like the contrast in organic and inorganic textures!

11.12.04/12:38 PM Anand said:

I like it for the opposite reason. The veins and cracks seem to correspond in a way with the cracks and eroded spots in the concrete to make it seem like the leaf is simply a discoloration of the floor.