Title: Rotation Station

Capture Date/Time: September 04 1998
Camera: Nikon N70 35mm Film SLR
Lens: Tamron AF 28-80 F3.5-5.6
Film: Kodak Gold ISO 100 35mm Film
Flash: None
Scanner: HP PhotoSmart C5100 Film Scanner

After hearing a very nostalgic tune I decided that this week I was going to do a flashback and feature some of my old work from when I used to shoot with 35mm film and was maintaining a web publication called Visions of Light, which was a regularly updated webzine based covering underground electronic music events in Chicago. This is a shot taken at an event called Rotation Station. Although I am unable to recall the exact settings used when taking this photo, I do believe it was a handheld long exposure that lasted about a second or two. For the rest of the week I will be featuring some of my favorites from this phase I went through as a photographer. I hope you enjoy the images and can see how my work has evolved since then.

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11.28.04/09:18 AM aeila said:

groovy, i`ll be watching your site.

11.28.04/12:22 PM steven said:

such warm colors..can't wait to see the others.

11.28.04/12:53 PM Peter said:

Memories, at the corner of my mind....
Talk about those
Memories, of the way we were

Archie takes the best party pictures I've ever seen.