Title: Footprints

Capture Date/Time: January 31 2004 15:20
Camera: Nikon D100
Lens: 12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor
Focal Length: 12mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/10 - 1/350 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

Here is one I took from January of last year that I have revisited with a some new post processing techniques. Since the way I process my photos always changes, I find it very important to always save the original RAW files because I'll always come back to older stuff to see if I can make it look better than I did when post-processed initially. So here it is :)

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01.20.05/07:26 AM bruno said:

Wow. I hardly ever comment on photos (shame on me), but this image is amazing. The contrast between the sand and city, the darkness of the patch on the foreground clearly outlining the footsteps; the sky, the colours. Very nice!

(I haven't seen the previous version, did you post it on the weblog?)

01.20.05/07:52 AM frisky? said:

great use of the scrolling. love this shot. the sky, the foot steps and the buildings. so much going on in it. wonderful!!!

01.20.05/09:16 AM luke winter said:

that is stunning man, the tonings amazing. Looks like I'm going to have to start shooting raw soon as well, especially with the amount of times I set wb and ev wrong. anyway great shot, the clouds really make it for me

01.20.05/01:00 PM James said:

Cool composition, it's like two seperate scenes (most obvious in 1024x968 resolution). Nice colours too.

01.20.05/02:26 PM pablo korona said:

you stud.

the tones are amazing, and the composition is beautiful as well. Great shot.

01.20.05/02:37 PM nathan said:


01.20.05/02:53 PM Dan said:

Wow... that's an absolutely stunning photo! The depth of the colors, the footsteps, I love it!

01.20.05/04:37 PM abby said:

someday i will visit the alternate-dimension chicago that you live in. mine never looks this amazing.

01.20.05/05:05 PM leigh said:

Crumbs what and excellent awesome photograph, stunning!

01.20.05/05:42 PM rool said:


01.20.05/06:09 PM ellehm said:

I really like this one!! amazing structure in the photo, the city and its great buildings, and the contrast with the nature part. Very good one

01.20.05/06:58 PM probe3 said:

yoooou son of a bitch - i'm so jealous. what an amazing shot. this is top-shelf stuff man - can't wait to see your career in photography skyrocket

01.20.05/09:03 PM Jessyel Ty Gonzalez said:

HOT DAMN! This is sexy.

01.20.05/10:04 PM miles said:

nice shot, amazing sky.

01.21.05/04:01 AM Monkeygirl said:

Oh wow! I wish my english was better so I could express what I think of this fantastic picture... but now I feel speachless... it's absolutely amazing..

01.21.05/06:32 PM fredrik said:

hot damn! this is one shot to remember:)

01.22.05/03:40 PM roderick said:

Incredible. Simply amazing.

01.23.05/02:51 AM Benny said:

you did some beautiful post processing this image. its such a surreal scene...great job!

01.25.05/09:32 PM J. Livingston said:

I love the spaciousness of this picture. I'm jealous of your lens, but I'll be getting my own 12mm soon. ;P