Title: Wormhole

Capture Date/Time: December 21 2004 13:04
Camera: Nikon Coolpix 4500
Lens: Fisheye Converter
Focal Length: 7.9mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4.2 - 1/109.5 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: No

A view of the James R. Thompson Center from the inside. Although it is a state/federal building I think, its never stopped me from going inside and taking photos. Honestly I don't know how anyone could pass its amazing interior having a camera on hand :) I took a variety of shots in the lobby, I ended up liking this one the most with the top center a bit displaced which made the converging lines curvey instead of straight which enhances the feeling of being sucked in.

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01.22.05/12:01 PM luke winter said:

another amazing fisheye shot man, I'm surpised all the lines didn't give the 4500 trouble but its come out good. Another favourite

01.22.05/01:19 PM Irene said:

Wow, this really is incredible!!! Just love it.

01.22.05/03:11 PM james m said:

WOW, fantastic shot.

thatís it, after seeing this and the other fisheye eye shots you have done I have to get my self a circular fisheye lens

01.22.05/06:15 PM terence said:

fisheyes are fun.

01.22.05/11:49 PM wr7259 said:

i have never handled fish eye! i need study more and more....
thank you for sharing your photo data as always.