Title: Fly Guy

Capture Date/Time: January 26 2005 23:20
Camera: Nikon Coolpix 4500

Ok here is my first post, hope everyone can bare with me while Archie is out :) Here is a quick macro study of your average house fly. - Mark

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01.26.05/08:50 PM James said:

This is absolutely goddam hideous - I love it!

01.26.05/10:47 PM Saroy said:

Eek! That's disgusting!

And yet, I can't pull my eyes away. The detail is impressive -- what kind of lens did you use?

01.27.05/11:19 AM angela said:

eew - amazing but disguisting photo!

01.29.05/04:07 PM Monkeygirl said:

Scary and great at the same time. Makes me think of the movie "the Fly"...

01.29.05/11:07 PM pablo korona said:

wonderful abstraction of form. i love it.

01.31.05/06:52 AM Archie FlorCruz said:

Archie reporting live from Whateverland, Philippines :) Of course I had to drop in and make sure you were updating my website Mark! Awesome shots you've been posting!

01.31.05/11:01 PM frisky? said:


02.03.05/07:42 PM zerosun said:

holy s***! man, that's so grusome its awesome! besides the obvious disturbing subject matter, the detail in the legs, wings, body surface- just phenomenal... there's something you don't see everyday.