Title: Straylight Run

Camera: Canon 10D

This photo was taken on the island of Venice, Italy while on vacation with my wife Jolene. The contrast of the archway and the doorways beyond just called out to me as we were exploring the island. Hopefully this photo of an ancient city will compliment all of Archie’s more contemporary industrial city photos. -Shane

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01.29.05/06:12 AM luke winter said:

nice classic shot

01.29.05/11:27 AM phil said:

nice shot. with a shot like this i always expect to see people, its kinda eerie just alone. was the photo named after the band?

01.29.05/08:28 PM miles said:

Nice and warm, looks inviting I think. I like the combination of angles and depth.

01.30.05/03:01 AM wr7259 said:

Nice color!
i like this kind very much!
very heartwarming ;D