Title: Marionettes

Capture Date/Time:October 09 2004
Camera: Canon 10D

This photo was taken on a street in Salzburg, Austria. I really enjoyed the sense of movement around the kids who were entranced by the small marionettes that the lady was selling. We ended up buying one for my niece and nephew. - Shane

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01.31.05/03:26 AM Marty said:

This is so cool. The rich colours, with the movement all around, and the only still people being the entranced kids.

01.31.05/07:00 AM Archie FlorCruz said:

Archie reporting live from Whateverland, Philippines! It's good to see you posted on my site Shane, that damn Mark... I leave him in charge and he gives my password out to just about anytone hahah j/k! This one is absolutely fantastic! I love the mix of blur and stillness.

01.31.05/09:58 AM Go said:

Nicely captured! I love the motions and the colors.