Title: Subway 02/02

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 4500

Subway entrance 2. - Mark

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01.31.05/01:46 AM Tyler Knott said:

I love the fish eye/wide angle look of this one, it really makes for an interesting image. What was your exposure time?

01.31.05/08:47 AM mark said:

The exposure time was 1 second - Mark

02.01.05/07:12 AM nellooo said:

HI ! :-D

I have just had a little fofolle idea : "the 36 strainers project" (see my blog). My goal is also, by the way, to make discover others blogs to my usual visitors.

It's great fun ! Please take part !

PS : excuse my poor english.

A bientôt ?

02.01.05/08:18 AM Mez said:

You've got some really great photos on your site, and just SOO many images! How long has this site been about?

02.01.05/10:20 AM Alex said:

since 'Friday, May 09 2003' by the looks of things :) my favorite is still 'swiss elements'. um.. can some one let me know when archie gets back? i need to speak to him about his camera :|