Title: WaspComb

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 4500

I found this wasp-comb stuck in between the window panes of my garage window. I waited for the wasp to leave - snagged it - then started shooting it :) - Mark

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02.01.05/12:03 PM angela said:

great & amazing detail in this photo!

02.01.05/12:47 PM qurt said:

Dont forget to put it back.

02.01.05/02:41 PM phil said:

awesome shot. interesting DoF. keep up the good work!

02.03.05/07:46 PM zerosun said:

this is incredible. lovely delicate texture, great depth, excellent neutral colors. hope you retrieved this unharmed.

02.04.05/08:52 AM stephen said:

Wow; incredible DoF. Great texture & detail.