Title: Emerged

Capture Date/Time: April 02 2005 12:58
Camera: Nikon D100
Lens: 12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor
Focal Length: 18mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/8 - 1/500 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

Here is a funny sculpture installation in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Chicago. I wasn't able to find out who the artist of this one is, if anyone has any info, please be sure to comment!

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04.03.05/01:34 AM david jones said:

You should have called this Trailer Trashed..

04.03.05/01:55 AM Paulo Ribeiro said:

Wow, now this is strange! Before I read your description I was thinking of asking you what the hell happened there. :)

Nicely captured, this is really out of this world.

04.03.05/10:32 AM yy said:

The piece is called "Short Cut" and is by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset.

04.03.05/10:32 AM Jorge Lesmes said:

WoW. That looks soo real =)

04.03.05/02:48 PM mot said:

great subject and composition !

04.04.05/02:20 AM istvan said:

Nice picture. I saw this one last year at the Basel art fair (called BaselArt) I don't remember the artist's name but it was called "Short Cut"

04.05.05/10:05 AM mr bill said:

Hilarious image! I must get down there a do a take on it with the toys.