Title: BigBlueEyes

Camera: Canon G6
ISO: 200
Flash: None
Shutter Speed: 1/250

While Archie is out doing who knows what in Pittsburgh, I'm posting a photo of another hobby of mine. It took me about 200 photos and alot of time on my hands to get this shot :)

Kenyi Cichlid - Pseudotropheus lombardoi, is an aggressive medium sized cichlid that originates from the rocky shores of Lake Malawi in Africa.

( Origin: Africa - Lake Malawi ) (Family: Cichlidae) -Mark W.

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04.16.05/12:36 AM david jones said:

Dats a dope fish, he'd eat my betta for lunch

04.16.05/09:57 PM Matt said:

Heh, nice shot of the fish. Really cool.

04.16.05/10:25 PM |Shrued said:

I had everything from goldfish to 25 piranhas and the African Cichlids were my favorite. I had a Frontosa from Lake Tanganyika that grew fairly big. But like everything else, I got bored and brought them to the fish store in big buckets. =)

That was about 8 years ago. No more fish since.

05.28.05/03:58 AM Rod said:

How could you get bored of fish like that? Absolutely beautiful!