Title: Pittsburgh: Clinton Furnace

Capture Date/Time: April 15 2005 16:36
Camera: Nikon D100
Lens: 17-55mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor
Focal Length: 35mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5 - 1/100 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

Along the river walkway in Pittsburgh lays many different industrial elements which you can examine and walk around. This furnace reminded me of the part in the Attack of the Clones Star wars movie when they nearly get liquid hot magma poured on them :)

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04.24.05/10:38 AM david jones said:

I like..

04.28.05/01:59 PM derek rush said:

clearly i need to visit pittsburgh if there are such gorgeous examples of decay there to shoot. (see my own "decaying" gallery on the ocular spectra site, you'll know what i mean)

great job. love the encroaching blackness around the edges.