Title: Towers Of Powers

Featured Photographer: Tamara Westfall

Hong Kong's skyline is bright and well known. Light shows cascade down almost every building but the Bank of China with it's triangular form, stands out from on the ground up. The tower was begging to be photographed. the end

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05.03.05/03:39 AM david jones said:

This is one badass picture

05.03.05/11:42 AM Brandon said:

Looks like a painting

05.03.05/12:24 PM sharbean said:

I like the overall colour.

05.03.05/01:04 PM Turfdigger said:

Unusual sense of scale here - the tree on the left could be toppling the building! Love the gold tones of the buildings but I'd have to say that my favorite little detail is that of the curved reflections in the flat building surfaces, showing us something that's there, but not outwardly so.

05.03.05/03:06 PM frisky? said:


05.03.05/04:12 PM Jasper said:

Most def with frisky? on this one! What a shot!

05.03.05/09:23 PM Stephanie said:

Wow. love it. looks like commercial advertising stock.

05.03.05/09:26 PM Stephanie said:

i didn't mean that in a bad way, just meant the photograph looks professional.

05.29.05/05:29 PM Lars said:

Wow! Nice! The clouds and the partly lit buildings give the photo a nice atmosphere. The leaves give it some depth.