Title: In Mind and Spirit

Featured Photographer: Tamara Westfall

If peace-of-mind is what you seek then Kyoto is no disappointment. Kyoto is a multilevel Japanese city composed of shopping arcades, shrines, temples and college students. Of all the places I have been to in Japan, this little city seemed to have the most spiritually carefree and positively charged vibe. These lanterns caught my eye at the end of one of the arcades. At first I thought they were just decorations but as I approached I found myself in the middle of a peaceful Buddhist shrine at the heart of a bustling Kyoto market.

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05.04.05/10:11 AM addie said:

no kidding...it's relaxing just looking at them here!

05.05.05/10:20 AM Paulo Ribeiro said:

The lamps form a pleasing pattern. I like this photo.

05.17.05/01:21 AM Smallest Photo said:

just beautiful. What a wonderful place to be able to visit. Hope to go there myself some day.