Title: Daley Plaza

Featured Photographer: Kristina B

I used to be very excited about free wi-fi in Daley Plaza. That is, until I moved to New York and discovered that it's much more ubiquitous here.

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07.22.05/12:26 AM tamara said:

this photo is very chaotic but then you see the kid and he becomes a main distraction. Cool.

07.22.05/03:18 PM erik said:

love the contrast between the ruthlessly unhuman architecture and the little child playing w/ water that brings back the human scale.
also , what tamara said. the background is very chaotic... but the chaos is shielded away from that kid's happy childhood by a WALL of water.

07.24.05/03:55 AM Simon C said:

This would have been a tricky exposure. It looks like you may have had to do some post processing to bring out the foreground detail? I might be inclined to try a tighter crop - in terms of height cropping through the crane - this will keep the sense of scale but being more emphasis to the subject - the child.

07.28.05/12:11 PM frisky? said:

crane sighting!!!