Title: My Left Eye

Capture Date/Time: September 17 2005 10:40
Camera: LensCrafters Expensive Eye Exam Machine

Well I didn't take this one, rather my eye doctor did ;) I went to LensCrafters Saturday to have a comprehensive eye exam. It has been about 5 years since I last went in to get my eyes checked out, suprisingly my prescription didn't change at all for my (busier) right eye and only about 1 step for my left eye. One of the tests they did was taking photographs of the inside of your eyes. They used some crazy machine that closes in and lets out a huge circular flash that beams straight into the iris and takes a polaroid. I asked him if he could take an extra one so I could take it home and post it as a sort of portrait. One day I hope to get an X-ray or CatScan without having to get injured/sick and post that as a portrait :) So yeah my eye exam ended up being an 85 dollar portrait session, ha!

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09.19.05/12:26 AM tamara said:

archie. it's gross. but i like it too. you're so weird!

09.19.05/09:05 AM Mike said:


One word: gnarly!

09.19.05/10:36 AM Ana said:

That is awesome! I want one!!!

09.19.05/07:41 PM Ray Jackson said:

don't lie. thats a pic of your left nut.

09.20.05/04:04 AM Vin said:

Can you rotate i turn counter clockwise. Normally fundus photos are shown such that the optic nerve (red orange round thing with central pallor)is oriented to the laterality of the eye. The central avascular area is your macula/fovea (area of central vision). Anyway, I agree, it's normal!