Title: Framed

Capture Date/Time: September 26 2005 23:34
Camera: Nikon D100
Lens: 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor
Focal Length: 10.5mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/8 - 4 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

I spent the entire evening mounting prints of my work into glass frames for the upcoming show that I will be participating in next month. More details on the show to follow soon (keep Oct 17th open if you are in the area though!). This is the first time I have ever done large prints of my work, heck I barely do prints at all!. I strongly advise those who haven't looked at their favorite shots in some sort of large format to do so, even outputting to a large TV or an LCD projector would suffice. Its been a learning experience arlight... I realized that its a pain in the ass to remove dust between the prints and the glass because everytime i would shoot some compressed air in there and try to suck out those particles with the vaccum cleaner hose, more would just appear outta nowhere, doh! I have to pull up a chair and figure out which 7 to choose.... ahh decisions decisions....

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09.27.05/01:18 AM david jones said:

My favorite part of this picture is the vacuum cleaner hose on the floor.. im serious.. im not sure why..

09.27.05/05:26 AM aramzis said:

this is strange - i also find the vacuum hose the most interesting.
archie, you should definitely exhibit the 5th from the left (footsteps in the snow). it's one of the best photos ever.

09.27.05/08:41 AM Ana said:

Nice work. I see your flyer on the table there. Good luck with your choices!

09.27.05/09:50 AM Mike said:

Hey archie- send me a flyer, will ya? I totally agree with David. The hose on the floor makes the picture. This could be my mom's house growing up. The only difference is that in my house, there would have been clear plastic covering the furniture.

09.27.05/10:28 AM Mike said:

Oh BTW, you should let US pic the seven best! Give us the links and we'll choose for you!

09.27.05/02:38 PM david jones said:

We could have like archie idol and have a 1-800 number to vote

09.27.05/03:24 PM Monkeygirl said:

I always do prints of my photographs and put into an album, but never big like these, and not behind glass frames, maybe I should do that... it looks beautiful. Good luck with the exhibition :)

09.27.05/03:42 PM Ana said:

I like the idea of a vote!! : )

09.27.05/03:58 PM Archie FlorCruz said:

Here are the candidates, sorry if the linking is crappy or doesnt work, its a technical issue that still needs to be worked on hehe:














09.27.05/07:47 PM Michael said:

What size are those prints Archie? I'm curious what kinda sizes you can push six mega pixel out to.

09.27.05/08:14 PM Mike said:

Okay, here we go, in top-down order I like these the best (not my order of preference):

air water show
ure whatever
navy pier flying
footprints *
mca stairs
fire escape *

I like the "*" ones the best, but these are all superb, Archie. Any other votes?

09.27.05/09:00 PM Andy said:

Sweet. I've got to get a really wide angle lens or fisheye.

09.27.05/09:26 PM Archie FlorCruz said:

They are 10"x15" prints done on an Epson 2200 using Epson Premium Lustre Paper (with the assistance of Bill Vaccaro from outofcontxt.com).

09.28.05/02:52 AM tamara said:

yay! picture show!

09.28.05/10:17 AM LisaB said:

That's a tough decision - but without a doubt you have to include Fire Escape. Actually, I was really really hoping you had included this fire escape shot: http://www.whateverland.com/yesterday/2005/04/11/downward_spirals/

I don't know how you ever even narrowed it down to 13, you've got so many great, intriguing shots. Good luck with the show!

09.28.05/08:47 PM Nick said:

Those are enormous. Mine are tiny. I feel small and unwanted. Haha.

09.29.05/07:55 PM Yvette said:

Best of luck with the show. All are great choices!!