Title: A Wrinkle From the Sky

Capture Date/Time: January 23 2006 18:01
Camera: Nikon Coolpix 4500
Lens: No Converter
Focal Length: 20.8mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4.5 - 1/196.3 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: No

I really like the abstract quality of this one. Its a shot of the mountains that I took during my flight from Los Angeles to Chicago.

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02.03.06/04:13 AM Anna said:

At first i couldnt understand wht this pic was. looks more like melted chocolate,flood stricken land.Do the mountains look like this? Wonderful!!

02.03.06/03:13 PM photojunkie said:

The title suggests that this is the ground taken from a plane. But I wonder if that is truly the case. It seems like a beach, with some abstract water erosion.

02.03.06/08:49 PM passerby said:

photojunkie, isn't that what mountains essentially are (water eroded sand/rock)?..
interesting shot.

02.05.06/11:52 AM Arun Verma said:

Awesome! I use the same camera. But I come nowhere close to pictures like these :-)

02.05.06/04:23 PM laurent said:

What kind of plane were you in? This photo looks like one of those "impression" pieces of art. It's pretty cool

02.07.06/02:06 AM pfong said:

I like your colour treatment of this. My first thought was that the plane must have been doing a steep bank to get an almost top down view like this. Remarkable.