Title: My Shameless Plug

Flyer/Ad created by Shannon Long at Mode Realty

I'll be having my very own opening on the Second Friday of this month in the Pilsen Art District area. Please stop by if you can to say hi and see some of my work in large format (3ft x 2ft and 10"x15" prints!).

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05.03.06/01:11 AM tamara said:

you're a star

05.03.06/08:55 AM Peter said:

congrats to your exhibition! I hope for you that many visitors will come. :)

05.03.06/08:05 PM Whateverland FAN said:

Congrats to you from a fellow whateverland fan! I stumbled across your site one day while browsing the internet and keep coming back because you take great photos! If I were in Chicago, I'd definitely go to your opening and bring along as many people as I could!

Keep it up!

05.04.06/01:25 PM lori said:

Oh, hooray! Very cool for you, Archie!

I'm actually going to be in town that weekend with some friends. If our play gets out early enough, I'll coax them over there for a look-see.

05.05.06/09:29 AM gavin said:

hell yes! very nice. hope to make it

05.07.06/06:22 AM p a s c i . i t said:

amazing capture! Looks more like graphics than photography - and that's very cool. Great colors and contrasts too!

05.09.06/09:23 AM izzy said:

this picture is amazing! very impressive

05.09.06/11:41 AM micki said:

Congratulations! This is wonderful news and puts a big smile on my face!

05.09.06/04:38 PM Shane said:

Good luck !!!!!!!!!

05.09.06/09:20 PM mariaela said:


Someday, I hope you'll find your way to exhibit your work in LA...

For now good luck to you... as for me, I'll just keep visiting your site... :)

05.09.06/11:38 PM cristinamarie said:

your e-famous...

oh and white space is considered art.
sorry to hear about the broken frame.

05.10.06/12:21 PM mr bill said:

Way to go, Archie. See ya Friday!

05.10.06/12:38 PM [t e r r o r k i t t e n] said:

Very cool shot, great perspective...I love it.

05.11.06/03:48 PM grapf said:

Really a great work. Reminds me to Feininger.

05.12.06/06:09 AM Ashish Sidapara said:


05.13.06/04:19 AM tamara said:

omg 18 glasses of red wine later ...