Title: Momentum

Capture Date/Time: December 21 2004 14:18
Camera: Nikon D100
Lens: 12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor
Focal Length: 12mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/10 - 1/400 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

What moves you forward?

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05.05.06/05:32 AM passerby said:

a little propeller i had installed in my lower back last summer. it lets me fly, too (now i know what it's like to be a helicopter!).

05.05.06/09:05 AM Lu said:

cofee tainged skies. my favourite.

05.05.06/11:17 AM John said:

Nice shot man. Love the perspective and color. Has a errie feeling to it.

05.05.06/10:20 PM Dennis Rogers said:

This is fantastic!

05.06.06/12:55 AM dave said:

the colour tone and detail in this image is just superb! cheers ;)

05.06.06/06:45 AM Ana said:

I have batteries that move me forward. I forgot to replace them last summer.

This is an amazing photo. I want to try it!

05.06.06/08:23 AM Ian said:

Love the wide angle and the tones and shadows are really great.

05.06.06/12:48 PM mich said:

Perfect angle, and really beautiful tones, love the sky

05.06.06/09:34 PM a said:

i like the wide angle and i think that you did a fine job on shifting the colors.

05.07.06/07:59 AM Peter said:

what a great perspective and colors!

05.07.06/11:39 PM tamara said:

other people's awesome work inspires me to move forward. this is another one of the top archie faves.

05.08.06/10:32 AM Chris said:

Great tones! Nice shot.

05.08.06/03:16 PM esa said:

I agree with chris! the tone is brilliant, as well as the wide angle in the shot. the sky looks beautiful as ever, and the buildings seem a bit distorted. congrats!

05.08.06/10:39 PM cristinamarie said:

therapy... that's my answer.