Title: The DynoJet

Shooting Data TBA

Some shots from my ProTune session with Jorge at P&L Motorsports

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05.25.06/02:33 AM david jones said:

(sigh) you dont post the picture with me

I'm crushed.. really

05.25.06/08:49 AM passerby said:

aww you treated your girlfriend to a spa visit :)

05.26.06/12:14 AM Ron : Threeflavours.ca said:

You're not allowed to post dyno shots without including horsepower/torque!!

05.26.06/08:08 AM aaron said:

Ooooooo I love getting my care tuned up. So did it drive better after...?

05.26.06/09:05 PM aramzis said:

hey dude

where's the obligatory GONE RAVING post?

tsk tsk tsk

05.26.06/09:21 PM tamara said:

you spoil that car

06.03.06/11:02 AM Daniel Seguin said:

Ha! Right on - love the car passion here. It's almost like a series of someone's baby. You know? When the Pop can't quite decide which shot to share so he does a small montage? ;) A beautiful baby.