Title: Off to D-Town This Weekend

Capture Date/Time: August 22 1998
Camera: Nikon N70 35mm Film SLR
Lens: Tamron AF 28-80 F3.5-5.6
Film: Fuji Superia ISO 400 35mm Film
Flash: None
Scanner: HP PhotoSmart C5100 Film Scanner

I took this one with my Film SLR back in 1998 at a Rave in Madison. I'll be in Detroit all weekend attending the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and wont be back until Tuesday. Posting will hopefully resume Wednesday! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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05.26.06/09:38 PM aramzis said:

ah yes, that's what we're talking about

let's catch up tomorrow over breakfast beer at the airport

05.28.06/02:45 PM Peter said:

party...!!! oh man, we had "father's day" (ascension day - I hope you understand me)..I was so drunken x(

05.28.06/03:15 PM Poop slam said:

PLUR will be with you archie. Look to the PLUR.

05.29.06/08:59 AM micki said:

Wild shot, love the motion!

05.31.06/08:39 AM MikesRightBrain said:

very cool one, Archie!

06.05.06/03:18 AM Justin said:

I think I was at this party with you :) I have a couple pictures of you, me, and CJ I should find and send over :)

06.11.06/02:00 AM Brad said:


I'm new to blogs and blogging - fascinating though. Will continue to read your blog.