Title: HomeLess Hermy

Capture Date/Time: May 24 2006 02:15
Camera: Canon 20D
Lens: 28-200mm
Focal Length: 135mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5.6 - 1/60 sec
ISO: 400

Mark here again. Here is a homeless hermit crab found in a cave on the island of Curcao. Our tour guide mentioned how rare it is to find these little grabs without a home on their backs.

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09.13.06/08:24 AM EXP said:

Who's Mark? What did you do with Archie?!?!? Did he run away with the shell? This is a nice shot. I like the lighting on this one. I've never seen a crab without a shell, now i know why they have one. Great title too.

09.13.06/03:29 PM mark said:

It's me ! Mark ! Archies photo friend. Archie is still on "vacation". He called me from his cell and it sounds like he is on a remote island somewhere in the southern hemisphere.

He will return soon

09.13.06/09:23 PM aramzis said:

wow, very nice.

henry's looking pretty despondent there. surely he found a new shell of a home soon enough.

oh. his name's not henry. it's hermy. well. i named him henry :).

09.13.06/10:51 PM Othercrabby said:

This image really captures the essence of the crab out on his own, away from home, away from friends. He's alone, and he's searching, naked and hungry, but there is a beam of light and he will find the way to both home and food. He's healthy and young, and the odds are in his favor. Walk on young Henry, walk on.

09.15.06/09:21 AM Jason said:

Wonderfull lighting, and great textures as well. Very nice capture.

09.15.06/03:42 PM Vickie said:

love your work.