Title: Sweet Yesterday

Capture Date/Time: May 6 2007 16:52
Camera: Nikon D200
Lens: 12-24mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor
Focal Length: 14mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: HDR Sequence (4 images)
ISO: 100
Flash: None

Today was the day they decided to blow up the Brach's Factory for footage in the next Batman movie, so I decided to post a shot from my visit there last May. I saw the implosion footage on the afternoon news... it looks like the only part they blew up was the parking garage.

*EDIT* - They blew up the administration building adjacent to the factory, the afternoon news was wrong :)

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08.30.07/02:31 AM garghe said:

great atmosphere in this photo!

08.30.07/06:53 AM Otto K. said:

Ah, sticky floor memories. :) So are they planning on keeping the rest or still going to blow it up?

08.30.07/08:34 AM Intisar said:

Dang it! I wanted to see that! I should youtube it and see if the implosion comes up. We were detoured all over the city last weekend because of the filmings.. This movie is hitting close to home(ha! so lame).

08.30.07/10:22 AM Pete said:

Channel 5 News reported last night that it was the parking garage that was blown up, but this morning the Tribune is saying it was the administration building (and presumably not the factory). I'd assume the latter is correct, since it would be much more of a challenge to make a garage look like a hospital. (In the movie, the imploded building was supposed to be a hospital.)

09.01.07/07:48 AM Tim said:

Since when does the news get anything right? If they blew up the Sears tower the news would tell you it was the "Prudential Building". LOL! I hate the news. The shot is great though. I love old places like this. I will be looking for aomething to shoot over the long weekend. You just gave me potential subject matter. Have a great weekend. Peace Out!

09.01.07/10:16 AM Bob said:

I guess none of our NAP crowd made it there for the big show. The building they blew up looks like a parking garage in the one picture I have of it from my trip there, but perhaps the windows were taken out. I saw the videos of the event and must say it would have been a lot more impressive if they had done the main factory building.

09.05.07/10:46 AM Pieter Pastoor said:

to bad.... so many possibilities with old structures:)

09.05.07/03:15 PM cristina said:

Really cool photo.